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thing about katrina it happens in new orleans during the summer, is it wasn't cold. but the devastation along the coast line is similar. just without the flooding. the water just stayed there. in katrina the traditional hugertraditionalhurricane damage was not the problem. it was that the floodwaters stayed. >> eliot: the lack of fundamental energies, heat food the devastation the public is getting equally upset in terms of the frustration levels. >> i don't think the people people--rockaway is the peninsula which is have very interesting point because it starts at breezy point, and then it goes down to the far rock rockaway. so you've got this racial ethnic kind of kaleidoscope there. but then you have everybody in the same boat because anybody has any power or water. no hot water. and it's just--it mounts up. it's like a geometric progression. if you don't have heat and hot water for four days. that's in the so bad. but every day that you go through it, and now it's almost been three weeks it becomes more and more horrific. >> eliot: erroll, the anxiety level is growing and it grows d
to the northeast. pay back for all the help they got after hurricane katrina. >> we wanted to reach out and help them like some people helped us. >> shepard: tonight, all aboard the train of hope. but first from fox this monday night, pillow talk and national security. fox news confirms or has confirmed that the cia found classified documents on the computer that belongs to paula broadwell. she is the woman who had an affair with the then cia david petraeus. there is nothing to indicate that these documents actually came from general petraeus himself. the general stepped down as the cia director last friday but questions remain about whether his once secret lover knew information she should not have known. prince, consider paula broadwell's comments during a speech in denver last month during which she spoke about the attack on our consulate in benghazi, libya. >> i don't know if a lot of you heard this but the cia annex had actually taken a couple of libyan militia members prisoner they think the attack on the consulate was to try to get these prisoners back. it's still being vetted. >> shepard
: a big problem after katrina. so many cars people tried to disguise as being used. thank you for coming on. if congress and the president send us over the gerri: lawmakers have a short time to strikea deal that economists could warned could trigger another recession. falling off the liff with the econom suicide. joining me now is brian westbury from first trust advisor is. really? >> exactly. how long have winnod this is coming? it is clear if we go off a cliff letting all the x rates to kick and we will have a recession. >> ien heard 1.3% from gdp and 2 million people could lose their jobs. is it that severe? >> i would not argue with that. itcould be a two or three quarter recession. i think we will adjust and do something but if we don't , it will not be pretty and 2013. gerri: the jpmorgan chase came out to say that the fiscal cliff could car 1 + 1 + 6000000000000 and also citing capital gains and dividend taxes. will it accelerate? >> if we go off the cliff completely will have 40% dividend tax rate and we could go back up 30% sun capital-gas. this is enough to drive the market dow
de reconstrucciÓn. >>> despuÉs de katrina, del 911, los jornaleros son los primeros que ayudan y hacen el trabajo. >>> las oficinas federales que exigen que los trabajadores tengan licencia, no actÚan en ese sentido,sin embargo activistas temen que los trabajadores no tomen las medidas necesarias, para que a largo plazo sean vÍctimas de sandy. >>> para evitar muertes en el trabajo que han ocurrido por faltas de medidas de seguridad, donde ni siquiera hay permisos para hacer excavaciones. >>> tambiÉn un voluntario se nos acercÓ y les regalo mÁscaras para advertir de lo peligroso que es manipular escombros, en nueva york, nayeli chÁvez geller, primer impacto. >>> no se quede atrÁs, siga informado con primer impacto, a travÉs de twitter, tambien la pÁgina de facebook (informaciÓn en pantalla), por Último lo invitamos a estamos en todos lados, asÍ que no hay excusa para no estar informado. >>> asÍ que mÁndenos su mensaje, comprobamos en arizona, que los hispanos sÍ estÁn en la mira de la policÍa. >>> es una prueba de impacto que no se puede perder.
's just been so good. so grateful. >> so how can we end up with better statistics than after katrina when 35% suffered mental illness and others had heart attacks from the stress? with well organized shelters like this one, victims of sandy are getting the support they need. bret? >> bret: dr. seigel, thank you. >>> the head of engler compounding center linked to -- new england compounding center linked to the meningitis outbreak plans to plead the fifth at wednesday's hearing before the energy and commerce committee. so far, 32 deaths have been reported. the necc sister company has a host of problems. issues range from manufacturing, to sterilety and quality control. they found leaky ceilings, insect and unsanitary conditions. ameridose said in a statement monday it will work to address the issue. a battleground state cuts food stamp benefits two days after the election. victoria's secret ruffles feathers. grapevine is next. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe h
and then we will see like katrina, we will see the stories trickle in. we saw it seven years ago where a month from now, two months from now, we will see some of the scams, people taking advantage of the system, and that is the tragedy, a lot of money is going to be wasted and not go to the proper people and the proper resources. >>neil: we will watch it closely. in the meantime, it is his party, and he will invite who he wants and if you are a victorious president obama you will not invite who you do not want to. meet the guy who found out the hard way he can't come to the white house. and get this, he is just across the street from the white house. i talk a lot about one reverse mortgage. i thought this is the greatest way to explain it to people. what happened when you made that call? first of all, we had to clarify immediately that the house would be mine. what did the one reverse mortgage then do for you? well i can meet the expenses at the end of the month with no anxiety. trust me, it worked for me! [ henry ] call now and you'll find out that you can turn the equity from your home into
jge in new orleans on effects of rita and katrina those checks come out very late. prespend, but, as you start segment people arebuying a lot of generat generators, it will d year for macy's and home if youisfurnishing, bu retail wille ugh. neil: would women say, honey, i got you a generator do you say yo good for nothing ? >> no, remember the children, they still buy for their children, what concernse more, andr. negative tie, listen to me, a lot of theacilities for manufacturing got flooded, i am more concerned about the inventory. neil: you think that kids' stuff does well. >> and basic home furnishing. neil: condition they learn to do -- can't they learn to do without. >> i don't have children, but i hope your children are not listening. neil: they have to learn. >> to learn what? where is santa? theres no santa? neil: well, that people will put aside their own stuff, but get stuff for kids. >> that will dominate. people will buy for kids. neil: not as expsive. >> toys "r" us high yield bon have traded down. neil: what does that mean? >> people buying less at toys "r" us, and
worked katrina, many worked -- spent extensive time repairing lines, never seen lack of maintenance, lack of management, lack of understanding. they called the situation the worst they have ever seen. that's why with many of these condition, tyler, being public, so important for investors to understand what could happen f this was a stock this would be at zero now. zero. >> the management would be out of there today. they would be done? >> correct. >> talk about another guy that you met a major player on wall street and his experience. again, here we are, new york city, parts of downtown, 55 water street, major building downtown still without power. we actually ran into a gentleman in the local deli here, a great place everybody goes to he was in there for the free wifi because he lives in old west bury, works in downtown manhattan, actually in there i think we have a picture of him, there he is, basically having to access online and do his job from there. again, much of the national media has left this. this is still happening and this is now over two weeks since the disaster. >> absolut
. but as you know at least in past storms like katrina and others, many of the people who were required to have flood insurance still didn't have it, and how we're going to deal with that issue is one of the issues we have to face. and second, will the flood insurance be adequate for the people who were there? now, those who paid flood insurance have a legal, binding commitment from the government to pay it, and that's going to happen. we're going to have to come up with the dollars for that. we don't know the numbers yet. we just don't know the numbers. some people estimate that over 100,000 homes are unlivable. 100,000 homes. that's probably 300,000 people, the the size of a major american city. but we just don't know yet because of the inspections going on. we know huge numbers of houses are water logged. are their electrical systems gone, has there been structural damage, that takes almost a house-by-house inspection to determine, and we don't know enough yet. but flood insurance will have to live up to its promises and its commitments. that's legally binding on the government. how it has t
2008. and if we look back to anything that might mirror that going back to katrina, and a couple months earlier than when we get hit by standee and increase by 5%. after that monster hurricane, looking at things like visits to online sites and consumer optimism looking for a holiday season this year. tracy: anyone who leaves my thanksgiving table will put a hex on you the rest of your life. thank you very much. all right. abc shuffling around executives to gain back a tough spot in the morning show ratings war. dennis kneale, i said abc -- nbc -- whatever. dennis: turmoil does continue at nbc, one of the richest franchises in network television. jim bell, executive producer since 2005 leaving, he had run the 2012 summer games and turned an expected quarter billion dollar loss into a game. his replacement said to be nbc news alexandra wallace, alex wallace would be the first woman apparently to run the show that invented the morning format 60 years ago and relies on women 65% of the audience today had an unbroken run at 852 weeks straight, 16 years until last april when abc's good mornin
for both, what happened in maryland is very significant and mentioned here. that's a little bit of katrina's and the fact that now if he were your last few years, that these guys, these students can go to college in maryland and universities paying in-state tuition like if you're an american, that's a very, very good signal. i see it as a flagship tour was here to come. those immigrants are not asking. we know most of them are not bad people. asking for days. they're asking for an opportunity. and i think it's a very, very good decision because it's a great message and i think from their, that's going to be the flagship program and message. i know those governments, both parties in congress are going to take off from there. >> thank you very much. i'm very glad you mentioned that. jeff, thank you. >> thank you paycheck shop at the peterson institute for international economics. first i should direct your mission there, michael. she's a welcomed welcomes the ambassador as our latest and very important trading partner of the united states as a result of the entry into force of our bilateral
security system. what about homeland security, with what happened in long island. we have had katrina and sandy. it is clearr that the department of the homeland security is not doing its job . benghazi and the military is not leaning forward . that the tone of the administration. >> steve: what do you make of the fact that the with main stream media pushing the story, the president didn't know about the petraeus thing until after the election . we had ronald kessler who said the white house knew. >> it is the first time i understood that this had been going on for months. i mean, again, you have a whole new series of hearingings, how could the f.b.i. pick up something like this in the spring and take month to figure it out? >> brian: eric hooleder knew. and you have suspend disbelief. >> let me ask you in th minutia for a moment. petraeus came out stunningly to many after the benghazi attack and said it was the anti-muslim video. and many people were scratching their heads. >> i am told he did not say that. i was told by people in the room, he's the one guy who said it was terrorism.
this maybe the key to better statistics than after katrina when 35% of people suffered mental problems and many other people suffered injuries and heart attacks from the stress. with the help of well organized shelters and they send these bags out for people going back home, victims of sandy are getting a healthy start to rebuilding their lives. bill: the point you make in there with that woman is getting a sense of normalcy yet again is vital. >> absolutely. returning home and making sure your home is okay, and staying calm and cool with the help of others. bill: great stuff. good advice. dr. marc siegl here in new york. >> good to see you bill. martha: the president of the united states is set to meet with business leaders tomorrow to sort of try to get this economy back on track, but first an audience with labor leaders at the white house. so why is the president talking to them first? bill: good question. u.n. ambassador susan rice the obama official who went on five sunday shows suggesting that the pentagon r-r attack was part of a spontaneous protest sparked by a video about to g
and psychological problems going forward, better than we saw with katrina. jenna: good to have you checking things out and making sure the folks are okay. dr. siegel thank you so much. we'll be right back with more "happening now." [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. jenna: we said there arlot of twists
command, a m.a.c., something they use in the military when they have disasters like katrina or sandy. they look at disaster preparedness for markets, not talking about setting up a task force for years, go in, look at this, figure out how we can do better in the future because there will be another tragedy. >> people speculated part of the problem may be you need to get the brokerage floors of the partners filled, too, and all of those brokerage floors were affected by the same thing because they were in the same area. is it a situation of needing the brokerage floors or needing a complete backup site in a different state or somewhere further away? rick santelli had talked about this, too. >> archipelago is in the new york area so you don't have something that's hundreds of miles away. that would have helped but the main problem was that people didn't adequately test the system. you remember "field of dreams" if you build it, they'll come. the new york stock exchange built it but they didn't come, in small volumes they came. that needs to change. these are electronic markets. it shou
to domestic needs. as we saw in the disasters of katrina and sandy, our infrastructure needs alone are enormous. whether as a result of horrendous storms or not. to cite just a few, the cost of repairing and replacing our water system -- dams, levees, bridges, roads and highways -- are estimated at $100 billion just to get them in order and not to build new highway systems. our aging water systems which annually discharge billions of gallons of untreated wastewater into u.s. surface waters would cost $390 billion to replace over a 20-year period. construction of seawalls which has now become a common source of discussion in the new york harbor would cost about $20 billion. many more aspects of the military sequester will be discussed by our panel, and we will begin with carl kinetta, co-director of the project on defense alternatives. >> thank you, richard. richard said that some of us are looking at the current situation as a golden opportunity. i think it might be a way that we can parse the country politically. the question where exactly does that opportunity sit, we might be lo
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)